Let’s make magic happen.

We exist at the intersection of culture, ideas and brands.

XMEDIA is a film and photo studio based in Brisbane, working with brands and partners throughout Australia and Asia.

The world needs work that matters. It’s in you. In us. So we don’t just make. We instigate. We stop, think, examine the culture and re-explore what’s there. Creative work that matters doesn’t just happen. It requires a transcendent edge that we push for, and keep pushing for until it’s found.

  • Thomas Kuzma

    Thomas Kuzma

    Founder - Managing Director
  • Ben Treasure

    Ben Treasure

    Founder - Creative Director
  • Cameron Powell

    Cameron Powell

    Director of Photography
  • Sean Lotz

    Sean Lotz

    Production Manager
  • Zach Smith

    Zach Smith

  • Otto Zeiger

    Otto Zeiger

  • Izak Wood

    Izak Wood

  • Torin Warrilow

    Torin Warrilow


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